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The Best Apps & Websites for Travelers

The Best Apps & Websites for Travelers

Do you ever wonder how some people are just so good at planning trips? Chances are they have become travel savvy through years of travel - but I bet they also use some of these websites and apps to help them along. There are so many out there but these are some of our favorites. They can help you do everything from finding airline tickets to translating menus. Technology has made it so much easier to travel, so take advantage of it!


I started using skyscanner a few years ago while I was studying abroad in England. A friend suggested it to me to find cheap flights around Europe. I was instanlty hooked. It searches all airlines to help you find the cheapest flights. It has awesome features like allowing you to set up email price alerts for a certain destination and allowing you to search for flights from all nearby airports to find the cheapest. You can change the currency the price is shown in, change the day you are flying to find the best deals, and go straight to the airlines website to find more information. This is where I always start when looking for a flight. 


Anyone who has ever stayed in a hostel probably knows about HostelWorld. It is so easy to search for deals or for a specific city. HostelWorld gives you an overview of each hostel including amenities, reviews, and a rating system. This website is such a good resource and I always use it as a starting point when looking for a hostel. I prefer to book on the hostels own website because sometimes they have deals or promotions going on, but I have booked directly from here before and it always goes smoothly. I also get emails from them jam-packed with travel inspiration about everything from the coolest hostels in the world to why hostels are the best way to travel. 

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is so useful all the time - not just when traveling! If I am looking for a new place to eat in my town, a new museum in NYC, or just something to do I always head to Trip Advisor. There are SO many reviews of SO many things. You can almost always find the information you are looking for, and if not, you can leave a question! This website is so fantastic for finding fun things to do. Brooke and I love leaving our own reviews as well! Check out our profile here


Anyone who has ever traveled with me knows I absolutely ADORE this app. The only downside is that it is only in about 20 cities so far. Most of them are in Europe, so it is super useful if you are traveling around there. NYC and Philadelphia and a few other US cities have also made the list - and they are still growing! This app literally knows everything about transportation in these cities. Here's the basic way it works; you type in where you are starting from and where you are trying to get. CityMapper will provide you with all of the options from subway, bus, taxi, walking, and any other methods that may be available. Even further, it will tell you how much each option will cost and how long it will take. If you choose the subway, for example, it will tell you how many minutes until the next train is arriving. You can also download trips so that you can access them without service or WiFi. I know Google Maps also has these features, but CityMapper is so user friendly and so well integrated into the cities they have conquered so far. 

Google Maps / Google Translate 

Is there anything that Google isn't good at? You can add travel apps to their list of expertise. Google Maps and Google Translate have been invaluable to me while traveling. Google Maps allows you to download a specific city so that you can have a map even while offline. Google Translate has a similar function that allows you to download a language so you can access it offline. You can also scan over text in another language, say a menu or a plaque in a museum, and it will translate it for you as you scroll over it. These apps have gotten Brooke and I out of some difficult situations and we will never travel without them again. 

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