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Summer 2017 Bucket List - Jersey Shore

Summer 2017 Bucket List - Jersey Shore

We spent the begining of this year traveling like crazy! It's June and we have already been to 12 different countries this year. And while we wish we could spend the rest of our lives on the road, we are also excited to be back at the Jersey Shore for the summer! 

We've both spent our summers here for our entire lives, so we know there are a million and one fun things to do in the summer (and none in the winter), but here are our 10 bucket list items for summer 2017: 

1. Go Camping

This is a summer tradition for us, so we already know we will be checking this off the bucket list!

2. Climb a Lighthouse

There are so many along the coast of NJ - maybe we will explore a new one this year. 

3. Watch the Sunrise Over the Ocean

Brooke is NOT a morning person but I will drag her along anyway (and pump her full of coffee).

4. Eat Wings at the Chegg

Preferably at 3 AM after a few beers. 

5. Beat the Clock at Bar Anticipation

This is the most popular bar at the Jersey Shore, we will be sure to hit it up a few times. 

6. Get Ice Cream on a Boardwalk

You are never too old for this. 

7. See a Show at The Stone Pony

It's such a legendary venue with awesome summer line ups - now to decide which show to see...

8. Spend a Day Paddleboarding / Kayaking / Sailing

We will no doubt spend many days like this. 

9. Visit a Brewery

There are so many local breweries in NJ, we will search for a new favorite this summer!

10. Eat at a Beach Front Restaurant

And enjoy the beautiful views <3

We can't wait to start checking these off over the next three months. Did we miss and Jersey Shore summer classics? Let us know your bucket list items for this summer!

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