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5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Hire People Who Travel

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Hire People Who Travel

I've been on the hunt for my first full-time job lately, so this one is for all you HR managers out there. Your business should definitely hire people who love to travel. I know, I know. We might seem flaky, like we are always lost in a day-dream of some far away land (and we might be) but we have also acquired some really useful professional skills while on the road. 

So, here are some of the top reasons why you should hire a world traveler:

We can adapt quickly:

Imagine getting off a plane in a foreign country. The language is different. The currency is different. Even the time zone is different. We have done this a million times. We don't have time to be overwhelmed anymore. We can take it all in stride. Starting a new job will be the same for us. We can learn quickly, prioritize what needs to be done, and adapt to the position easily. 

We can negotiate confidently:

We have had to negotiate at markets with people who speak languages completely foreign to us. We have had to charm hostel workers to give us extended check-out times. We've sweet-talked our way to the front of the line at major attractions. That negotiation you are so worried about is not even a problem for us. 

We are natural story tellers:

We love to tell stories - and we are really good at it! We are constantly retelling the same tales and have figured out how to keep people captivated time after time. We will be able to captivate customers as well! Need someone to do a sales pitch? We got ya covered. Need someone to make small talk with stakeholders? No problem. We can read people and lead the conversation in a positive direction every time. 

We can problem-solve creatively:

Have you ever been stuck in a small town train station in Italy when all the trains are cancelled for the rest of the day? Have you been lost in a different country with no cell-phone service or wifi? No? We have. And we took a second to think on our feet and come up with the best solutions. We can come up with creative ideas for any situation in the world - literally. 

We can multi-task:

It's not easy to carry all of your worldly belongings on your back while navigating through unfamiliar streets with signs written in a language you don't know. But when you have a train to catch or a hostel to find, you just do it. We are used to the stress of handling it all at once and can now do it seamlessly. We will also be able to handle multiple projects at once and have them all completed on time. We won't think about how busy we are - we will just do it. 

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