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Don't go home until the sun comes up - Berlin 2017

Don't go home until the sun comes up - Berlin 2017

When we got on the plane to London, Berlin was not in our plans. In fact, we planned to stop through there for about 3 hours between trains. Thanks to the many lovely people we met on our trip who vehemently encouraged us to change our minds, we decided to switch some things around to leave space for a day and a half in Berlin. Thank God that we did because it ended up being one of our favorite spots. Despite our short time there, we loved the city so much and can't wait to go back!

Where We Stayed

Generator Berlin Mitte
Let me preface this by saying that we are usually not fans of super or XL hostels. More often than not, they feel like hotels and are more impersonal than a classic hostel. We love to feel at home in a hostel and our past experiences with XL hostels did not make us feel that way. However, our experience at Generator was the opposite of that. From the time we walked through the door, the staff was funny and welcoming. We loved the common area and the hostel bar was great. We met a few staff members at the bar who suggested places to continue our night and provided some great banter.  The hostel was located in the Mitte district which is really young and hip and full of great shopping. We really loved this place and can't wait to stay at another Generator hostel!

What To Eat

Brauhaus Lemke
Nine times out of ten, we get recommendations on where to eat from the hostel workers and we are never disappointed. In Berlin, we were led to this little brewery/restaurant located right under the S-Bahn train lines near Hakeschen Markt. The servings were generous and their house Hopfenweisse was great. Brooke is a sucker for craft beer so this was particularly exciting for her. Get the Nurnberger sausages if you're looking for something traditional!

If you go to Berlin and don't eat currywurst I am sorry for your heart and soul. Seriously. I'm not usually a sausage person but when we were in Berlin I think I ate them 4 times in less than two days. These currywurst are basically just little pieces of sausage in a sweet curry style sauce served with bread. It's a classic German streetfood and it is dynamite. I literally texted my grandma the day we got it to tell her she needed to learn how to make it for me. You're welcome in advance.

What To Do

Sandeman's New Berlin
I know we don't even have to tell you at this point how much we love Sandeman's. While we both agree that our Berlin tour guide was our least favorite Sandeman's guide on our trip, we still had a great tour. I will preach till my dying breath that this is the best tour company. Do it. 

You simply cannot go to Berlin without experiencing the club scene. Even if you aren't big into clubs (neither of us are), it's still a must-do because it's what Berlin is known for. Thanks to the suggestion of a hostel employee and new friend, we decided to spend our night at Tresor. We were floored when he told us that the clubs open on Thursday and don't close until Monday, and that we had to arrive at the club no earlier than midnight, but preferably 1 AM. WHAT? At home, we're user to going out no later than 11, and even that is a stretch. Determined to do the night right, we hung out at the hostel bar until 12, when we finally made our way out to the functioning factory/club. I genuinely have no words for this night. It was unlike anything I've ever experienced and we didn't get back to our hostel until 6 am. Berlin did us dirty.

BS Bloopers

Even though we only had a short time in Berlin, we obviously had a blooper. We had spent our first day there figuring out what we we going to do and thought we found the perfect bar crawl. We bought a bottle of wine each on the way back from dinner and went back to our room to get ready. All dolled up and slightly buzzed, we headed towards the bar crawl meeting point. At which point we realized there was a whopping 3 people there. We decided to stay on the opposite side of the street drinking our wine and stake out the situation. After 10 minutes of staring at the meeting point (and probably looking very odd), we decided the bar crawl was going to be a bust and headed into the hostel bar to commiserate. We ended up having a MUCH better night anyway, but we definitely faced a few upsets on the way there.

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