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9 Things That Happen in Your First Year After College

9 Things That Happen in Your First Year After College

You did it! You finally graduated! You have received a degree in your chosen field, and the world is your oyster! Adjusting to the adult life can be harder than it seems, though. Let's take a look at some of the things that will inevitably happen during your first year post-college:

1. You constantly start saying "I'm so old."
After you graduate, being around anyone still in college makes you feel insanely old and boring. You will start complaining about how old you are and will start giving life advice to anyone that is even slightly younger than you. 

2. You find out who your real friends are.
Now that you don't live within 30 seconds of each other, you actually have to make an effort to see your friends. This will show you who cares enough to stay in your life, and it might not be who you expected it to be. 


3. You start living through your friends who are still in college.
You find yourself obsessively watching the snap stories of those friends still in college, and scrolling through Instagram hoping to get a glimpse of the rager from last night. You just need to see how much fun you could be having if you were still in college. 

4. You start feeling guilty if you do nothing for a whole day.
In college, days with no plans, no work, and no practice were coveted. Now, I feel guilty if I go 24 hours without being a productive member of society. I should be working or working out or at least leaving my bed. 

5. You realize you missed your easiest chance of finding a spouse. 
How tf are you supposed to meet a boy when you don't have your costume at a themed mixer to use as a conversation starter? Am I supposed to hang out with boys for the first time...sober? Seems sketchy. 

6. Exactly sixth months after graduation, you receive your first student loan payment.
Gone are the days when your paycheck could go directly to the liquor store, or the late night food joint. Now you have to be financially responsible and it is way harder than it seems. Time to apply all those finance strategies to your personal life. Sigh.

7. You have to start finding new ways to define yourself.
Up until this point in my life, if someone asked me what I did, I said "I'm a dancer." Well, I'm not on a dance team anymore, so now what am I? I'm no longer a college student, a Public Relations major, or an athlete. I'm...unemployed. Please, just don't ask. 

8. You go out once a month, and that's enough for you.
Your parents weren't lying when they said hangovers get worse as you get older. Now, one night out will set you back a whole day plus a whole week's pay. You are just as happy staying in with a bottle of wine...the joys of being a twenty-something. 


9. You appreciate how great college life was, but also start to love adult life.
For some it will take longer than others, but everyone eventually adjusts to the real world. Endless all nighters with your friends, wild parties, and mid-day brunches were fun, but being an adult can be fun too! Expendable income, no tests, and the freedom that comes with being and adult and being able to steer your life in any direction you choose! College may have ended, but our lives are just beginning!



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