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7 Totally Legit Reasons Not to Travel

7 Totally Legit Reasons Not to Travel

Life is hard. Everyone has bills to pay, meetings to attend, and countless obligations that fill up our Lilly Pulitzer planners. Trying to fit travel into these packed schedules is incredibly difficult. It's probably not even worth it, right? Keep reading for 7 reasons that prove why you shouldn't bother travelling.

The Food

Who cares about trying new foods from other cultures and places? Wouldn't you rather eat the classic cheeseburger from your local diner every day?  There's no joy to be found in Canadian poutine and maple syrup, Spanish Paella, Southern Waffle Houses, or Dutch Poffertjes. 

The History

Listen, people. America is a child. We are so young compared to so many other countries, and even our our history is exciting. Can you imagine standing in front of castles built in the 11th century? Or walking through a city that was constructed in the 7th century? But, no, why would you want to do that? History is boring. Moving on. 

The Languages

Remember the 5 years of French you took in high school and college? Traveling will force you to flex those long lost "Bonjour"s and "Comment ca va?"s. Who would want to be cultured and intelligent? 

Do it for the Insta

If you don't want hundreds of insta likes, I highly suggest you refrain from traveling. It will only lead you to spend at least 15 minutes trying to get the perfect picture, which will then make all of your followers jealous. Don't want to upset your friends, right? 

The Fashion

New York Fashion Week is obvi the end-all, be-all of Fashion Weeks, right? Who cares about Milan or Paris or London? Or even the difference in fashion between LA and NYC? And forget about all the famous fashion designers from foreign countries. I'll just stick with Old Navy.

The Landscapes

You have all the beauty you need in your backyard, right? What's the use in exploring the beaches of St. Maarten, the alleys of New York, or the streets of San Juan when you have your trusty little oak tree and flower garden.

The Friends

The people you meet abroad suck. You won't form any lifelong relationships. If you're as unlucky as Shannon, you'll even find a mildly clingy Italian lover in the hostel who tries to carry you into the sunset (ok so it may have been the post-club sunrise but that's unimportant). 

So, long story short, travelling clearly sucks. It will only leave you with unforgettable experiences, new friendships, and a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you. And who would ever want that?

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